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pornography symposium: 'the money shot' and vintage porn 

[This piece forms part of a symposium attended, hopefully, by some or all of the following: bacteriagrl (bacterial porn), k-punk (let me be your fantasy), owen (I still dream of orgonon), different maps (fucking in rhythm and harmony, part I; empire state, part II; we want discipline, part III, sex of the real (Heidegger mix), part IV), poetix (not safe for work, dickweed). If anyone would like to contribute to this symposium on any pornography-related topic, please feel free, or bound, as you prefer. No biscuits were shared during the making of these posts.
______ остальное

I Still Dream of Orgonon

Sexpol and Sexploitation in the cinema of the New Left
Part of a Porn Symposium with K-Punk, Infinite Thought, Poetix, Effay, Bad Zero, Bacteriagrl, The Impostume, Beyond the Implode, Carceraglio and Different Maps

_____Still Dream of Orgonon
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