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postpornpolitics' Journal
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Saturday, March 10th, 2007
8:52 pm
Monday, January 8th, 2007
1:22 am
A History of Sex Education Films in Japan
picture: scenes from Japanese sex education films

Situated between academic and popular discourse seigaku became a kind of obsession of the mass-media which featured articles by experts on all kinds about sexually related topics from masturbation to venereal diseases, from the propagation of teiso (chastity) to the condemnation of hentai (perversion). Newspapers and magazines ran sex education series and counselling columns, and those whose curiosity was not satisfied by these could turn to one of the sexological magazines that flourished between 1917 and 1926 under titles like Hentai Seiyoku ("Pervert sexual desire"), Hentai Shinri ("Abnormal mentality"), Seiyoku to Jinsei ("Sexual desire and Life"), Sei ("Sexuality"), Seikagaku Kenkyu ("Sexological Studies"), Sei to Shakai ("Sexuality and Society"), Hentai Shiryo ("Pervert materials") or the interdisciplinary magazine Jinsei ("Der Mensch"). The seigaku boom was an integral part of the Taisho culture that - not unjustly - is often characterized by the catchphrase ero-guro-nansensu (erotic, grotesque, nonsensical).
ʁeɐd this

Thursday, December 28th, 2006
4:59 pm
postpornpolitics test

pornography symposium: 'the money shot' and vintage porn 

[This piece forms part of a symposium attended, hopefully, by some or all of the following: bacteriagrl (bacterial porn), k-punk (let me be your fantasy), owen (I still dream of orgonon), different maps (fucking in rhythm and harmony, part I; empire state, part II; we want discipline, part III, sex of the real (Heidegger mix), part IV), poetix (not safe for work, dickweed). If anyone would like to contribute to this symposium on any pornography-related topic, please feel free, or bound, as you prefer. No biscuits were shared during the making of these posts.
______ остальное

I Still Dream of Orgonon

Sexpol and Sexploitation in the cinema of the New Left
Part of a Porn Symposium with K-Punk, Infinite Thought, Poetix, Effay, Bad Zero, Bacteriagrl, The Impostume, Beyond the Implode, Carceraglio and Different Maps

_____Still Dream of Orgonon
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